Rowsley Bank

The first time I hit Rowsley Bank, I’d been hunting around the climbs in the area for something that might be like the dreaded Hardknott Pass that was coming up on the C2C in a Day. It’s not Hardknott. But those hairpins are tough. The worst thing for me, is that after the nasty bit at the bottom it just …


Curbar Edge

The first time I hit Curbar Edge was after I’d done the Coast to Coast mountain bike route over two days. I thought I’d ridden some tough hills on that. This was a Sunday ride with some non-C2C friends. And we hit Curbar, and it hit me back hard. For a long time since then, I considered it the toughest …


Winnats Pass

I’ve always loved Winnats Pass, and the area around it. There’s just something stunning about how it looks. As it’s reasonably local, famous and obvious, I’d already ridden it a few times before getting the 100 Greatest Climbs book, and I wasn’t surprised it was in there. Much as I love how the place it looks, I didn’t love riding …

Double Brutal

Last year, the Sheff Rec Cycle Club announced they were going to run their usual club annual challenge ride as an open sportive with limited places. The route is a tough 50 miles of repeated climbing in the Strines area near Sheffield. It covers ground that the Tour De France Stage 2 2014 will cover. You can see the information …



On Sunday, in the horrific wind (but otherwise rather nice weather) we took on a blast out east to go to Lincoln and ride up the Michaelgate climb. We were going to Lincoln anyway, and I recently bought the book 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs and Michaelgate was in it. So we added it. The book says: Michaelgate is a true …

Turns out, it’s a whole book

So I just posted this article, linking to a nice article about hill climb technique. Then decided to poke round on the domain a bit, and turns out it’s a whole book on everything to do with cycling. I have some reading to do.


How to Climb Hills

I found this article, which gives a nice overview of good technique for better hill climbing and training for hill climbing.

The Lincoln Blast

Sunday sees the Hill’s Angels hosting a C2C Training Milestone ride. The aim is to ride 100 miles, flat not hilly, because by now, if you’re going to C2C in June, you should be able to ride 100 miles, flat, not hilly. 🙂 So, the plan is to head out to Lincoln, climb Michaelgate, one of the Hundred Greatest Cycling …